Pasta World Championship

This year's Pasta Premier League in Dubai

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The Pasta Premier League (PPL) is a worldwide celebration of the most famous ingredient of in Italian cuisine. The PPL aims at promoting chefs, restaurants and pasta manufacturers committed to provide their customers with a quality Italian Pasta experience.
The PPL is also an itinerant Challenge in which only the best Pasta players in the greatest cities in the world are admitted.
The Pasta Premier League 2015 Dubai Edition will be held at the World Trade Center during the 7th Italian Cuisine World Summit together with the Speciality Food Festival from the 27th to the 29th of October.

To apply for Pasta Premier League 2015 Dubai applicants must be:

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • UAE based professionals
  • Participants may be sponsored by a restaurant

The competing dishes will be judged by a jury of experts nominated by the organizers of the Pasta Premier League along with some of the master guest chefs attending the 7th Italian Cuisine World Summit. Chefs and restaurants who intend to be part of the PPL must apply by no later than 18th October 2015.

To apply for the Pasta Premier League 2015 Dubai Edition, please click here.

Luca Troiano, winner of the Best Pasta in the United Arab Emirates Competition 2014.