Pasta World Championship

Parma 2012: Pasta World Championship

The Pasta World Championship was held during the Italian Cuisine in the World Forum 2012 (Parma, June 14 – 16, 2012) and is reserved to those certified as Italian Cuisine Master Chefs (ICMC).

Participating chefs are required to prepare and present a pasta (durum wheat dry pasta) dish of their selection; traditional, classic or innovative recipes are allowed. The dish was prepared from beginning to end onsite in the Academia Barilla facility (Parma). Participants had a total of 40 minutes for the preparation of their dishes.

The competing dishes were judged by a panel of 5 peers, experts and select general public nominated by the organizers of the PWC.

The panel evaluated the dishes on the following 4 criteria: respect for the fundamentals of Italian gastronomy, technique, presentation and taste.

The competition consisted of two phases. In the first phase, on June 15, 2012, all selected participating chefs competed with their pre-approved dishes.

The top 4 finalists were admitted to return to compete in the second phase on June 16, 2012, again with their pre-approved dishes.

The Pasta World Championship winner, Yoshi Yamada (Tempo Mayfair Restaurant, London) received an artistic trophy representing a pasta mold, the symbol of Italian dry pasta. Finalists, Sauro Scarabotta, Giorgio Nava and Vittorio Beltramelli also received a trophy. All contestants received a Certificate of Participation.