Pasta World Championship

Why Pasta World Championship?

Pasta is the essence and the most iconic ingredient of Italian Cuisine. Pasta dishes are the backbone of the menu of each of the almost one hundred thousand restaurants of Italian cuisine around the world. They are the favorites of millions of consumers at all latitudes. Pasta is the most important culinary companion of chefs of Italian Cuisine. The Pasta World Championship is the first contest celebrating both the most important ingredient of Italian Cuisine and the talent of chefs of Italian Cuisine working outside Italy. Born from an idea by Rosario Scarpato, the First Edition of the Championship was organized during the Italian Cuisine in the World Forum held in Parma, enthusiastically sponsored by Academia Barilla in collaboration with itchefs-gvci.

Pasta World Championship 2013 Finals in Parma

The finalists were: Mario Caramella, Giorgio Nava, Vittorio Beltramelli and Walter Potenza. Giorgio Nava beat his colleagues with a wonderful dish of Cavatelli Puglia style with broccoli velvet sauce and oregano flowers.


Buenos Aires Qualifying Round

Within the Squisito! initiative, First Congress on Italian Cuisine in Latin America, we had the pleasure of holding the qualifying round for the Pasta World Championship 2014.

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Pasta World Championship Parma 2012

The Pasta World Championship was held during the Italian Cuisine in the World Forum 2012 (Parma, June 14 – 16, 2012) and is reserved to those certified as Italian Cuisine Master Chefs (ICMC).

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